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              2019-2020 International Staff Orientation Training
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              On the 29th of August, 16 new International staff has been given an Orientation training by the International Exchange Office. Dr. Rocky Chen, Chen Feng, the General Principal, Ms. Serene, Chen Xiaoying, English &International Programs Director and Assistant Principal, Ms. Ruyi Zeng, the Director of International Exchange Office, and the principals and English teaching director of each department attended the training. Mr. Jonathan Tragash, the GIA program director and Mr. Clifford William Johnson, the team leader of Primary school ESL and Mr. Noel David Meehan, team leader of the Kindergarten International staff also attended the meeting.

              Before the meeting, we held a typical Cantonese lunch to welcome the new teachers and get to know each other. The training started as planned in the afternoon. Ms. Ruyi Zeng was the host of training. Firstly, Mr. Rocky Chen gave an official welcome speech to all new teachers and Ms. Serene gave an introduction of International programs. After that, Ms. Ruyi Zeng gave a specific training which divided into four parts, About Huamei, Our service and Work at Huamei and Live in Huamei. Lastly, there was an Q&A part, which old staff answered the questions of the new people and also shared their

              experience in China.

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