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              The 22nd Sports Day of Huamei International School
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              The 22nd Sports Day of Huamei International School

                                        Dragon from Primary(小学沈明龙)


              This is a colorful season with beautiful poems and flying flags,

              This is a dynamic sports meet with heroic passion and loud slogan echoing in the music.



              Sports are the lights of human civilization.

              The 22nd Sports Festival of Huamei International School started ceremoniously on October 22, 2019 and more than 5,000 teachers and students gathered together.

              We danced to the melody of youth with our fullest enthusiasm.

              We welcomed every opportunity and every challenge with our healthy body and abundant energy.



              On this day, we are immersed in a sea of joy,

              On this day, the whole Huamei International School shows the pulse of youth and excitement.



              The newborn sun shines all over the earth.

              Streams converge into the sea.

              Therefore, today's responsibility does not rest with others, but it’s on us, the youth.


              The drums echoed through the azure sky.

              The athletes are high-spirited and they are the hope of our motherland!


              More than 50 classes from our primary school wore different national costumes and held featured ornaments, showing a scene of harmonious ethnic unity.

              Flying ideal, march forward courageously!


              We are from different areas, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan but we all have a Chinese heart.



              We are just like Nezha, handsome and stylish, engaged in a battle of courage and perseverance, combining sports and art.


              We are the Kungfu team, the heritage of Chinese civilization.


              We are the football team, holding the dream of football, and we fight for the World Cup.


              The silhouette of the youth, who run, yell, sweat from early morning to dusk in breeze, is left on the basketball court.



              We insist on what we like---we are the Anime Team. We have the unlimited possibilities.


              We pay much attention to environmental protection, and we try our best to protect the environment.

              Garbage classification starts with me!

              No matter where we go, where we are, at home or abroad, our hearts will always be with China.


              Our teaching staff, the campus is more beautiful because of you.


              The students from GIA program, dressed as the students from the May 4th Movement, taking us back to those days when students strived for thenational rejuvenation.



              Red Army fought with a sincere heart and were not afraid of obstacles.



              A strong country strengthens its army first, while a strong army ensure the country’s security.



              We adhere to the School motto: integrity, philanthropy, virtue and seeking.

              We are committed to the concept that we should have a well-rounded development, so we read the classics, study the history and care about our society and then we record every story in our lives.

              Determined! Diligent! Reform! Responsible!



              We are a phalanx of over 400 foreign students from over 30 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada, South Korea, India and some other countries.

              We love and respect each other, and we love China and desire to make achievements!



              Two teams are coming. They are going to have the   high school entrance examination or college entrance examination.

              They are high-spirited and determined that “I can do it and I will win!”.



              We are struggling to be the top one to listen to the world under the leadership of top-ranking teachers.



              The AP program is a project that helps students study abroad in the United State in the future, which is a high-end program and one of the core programs at present.

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