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              A Letter to the Faculty of Huamei School
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              A Letter to the Faculty of Huamei School


              Dear colleagues:


              Inface of the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia at thebeginning of this year, we have been concerned about the health and safety ofevery faculty member and your family, especially those who are in the keyaffected areas. Wish you all be safe and healthy.


              Followingthe guidance of the government authorities, our school has stepped up epidemic preventionand control efforts in a determined manner to curb and prevent the spread ofthe virus. Now the epidemic is still severe. In order to overcome it andmaintain public safety at an early date, we are proposing the following hopesto the faculty and staff:


              1.     Keepaware of the situation.

              Followingunified guidelines of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, studentsand teachers of all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens inGuangdong are not allowed to back to school before the end of February. Specificstart date will be determined based on the government arrangements and theschool will keep you updated.


              2.       Implementthe government-required "no suspension of learning", beingcooperative with the relevant work and preparing for the start of the school.

              Inaccordance with the principle of "no suspension of learning", Grade10-12 has opened online courses from February 10, and Grade 1-9 will openonline course from February 17 as well as the parent-child reading and other activities.Please comply with the work guidelines of your divisions, apply the informationtechnology, network resources and platforms to effectively conduct online education/tutoringwith your students to help them to develop independent learning skills, maintaininteractions with peers and teachers, do physical exercise and receivepsychological counseling to achieve well-being under this tough circumstance. Foremployees who are temporarily unable to return to work because of the outbreak,government quarantine or other emergency measures, please stay positive andconfident, stay at home and wait for further notification from the school.


              3.     Adjustyour mentality and work out regularly.

              Duringthe outbreak, we are “isolated” at home for a long time and prone to depressionor other physical and mental problems. How to cope with it? We would like topropose some recommendations: Learn to give positive psychological implicationsto yourself and develop a good living habit. Get up and go to bed early, dosome physical exercise regularly and some other amusement activities with yourfamilies to maintain good physical and mental state and therefore enhance bodyimmunity.


              4.     Keep learning.

              Neverstop learning. Actively participate in all kinds of online learning courses andread books to prepare yourself for the upcoming start of the school.


              5.     JoinMass Prevention and Control Campaign.

              Accordingto the latest requirements for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus-causedpneumonia in Guangzhou, all citizens and people coming to Guangzhou must abideby the national, provincial and municipal regulations on the prevention andcontrol of the epidemic. From February 13 onwards, all new arrivals coming fromHubei province will be subject to centralized quarantine for health observation,except for those who arrive as a whole family or have separate livingconditions. Other people who have fever, cough and/or other related symptoms,will be dealt with according to the relevant government work guidelines.


              Lifeis precious and everyone’s action matters now. Let’s practice Huamei’s behaviorslogan, “Make a leap every single day” during this special period and work as ateam to fight against the epidemic.


              Dearcolleagues, no matter where you are at this moment, Huamei is always with youand the Huamei campus stays here to be your warm harbor.

              Looking forward to seeing you back soon.





              Secretarial Section,

              CoronavirusPneumonia Prevention and Control Leading Workgroup

              Guangzhou HuameiInternational School


              February 14,2020

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